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Be Well Live Better Blog Series: Devin Taylor

This blog series highlights creatives and entrepreneurs who lead initiatives around wellness and self expression. 


Hi Devin! Thank you for sitting down with me. I’m excited to hear what you’re working on. Would you mind giving us a brief introduction about yourself and what you’re working on? 

Of course! I like to think of myself as an Artreprenuer. I am a creative artist and photographer who is passionate about mental health and wellness in the black community. I took my passion for photography and mental health and created a project called The Mental Perspective Project where I interview and photograph black men and women on their perspective of mental health in the black community. I am also in school working on a life coach certification, specializing in confidence and mindset.


What inspired you to become a life coach? What have you been learning about yourself during this process? 

Honestly, it was something I was always meant to do, I just didn’t have a term for it. After speaking with my therapist and explaining to her what it was that I wanted to do, she said it sounded a lot like coaching. When she said that it was like a light bulb went off in my head because I never really saw coaching as an actual career, let alone something I was capable of doing. I wasted no time doing a ton of research on coaching and different programs until I found the Yes Supply Method. I decided to specialize in confidence and mindset coaching because I’ve struggled with my self esteem and low confidence my whole life, it’s something I have personally experienced. My faith in God and all of the inner work I have done and continue to do is what has made me into the woman I am today. So with that and my deep desire to help others, I think it is the perfect combination for a life coach.
What haven’t I learned about myself...let me start by saying that going into this process I didn’t expect to learn as much as I am learning in the program. The biggest takeaway so far is that I am using all of the techniques and processes I’m learning for my clients on myself and I’m seeing how positive and successful those results are, so I know first hand that they work! I’ve been addicted to personal development for years, done research, watched videos and read many books but nothing has helped me as much as the techniques I’m learning in the program. 


I know there are a few different certifications you will gain from this program you’re in. What area are you leaning towards most if any?

Yes! So there are five different certifications I will receive once I complete the program. When it’s all said and done I will be a certified practitioner in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique), Hypnotherapy, T.I.M.E Technique, and Life and Success Coaching. I can’t say there is one more certification I’m leaning towards more than another. I see it as having multiple ways and opportunities to help my clients achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves and I think that is great. Having struggled with low confidence and self esteem myself, I know and have learned that it all starts in the mind.

The mind can keep you in bondage and hold you back from doing so much or propel you forward to live the life you absolutely dream of. I will be able to help my clients break through those limiting beliefs and see their full potential by helping them create achievable goals for their lives.

Tell me more about the Mental Perspective Project. How did you get started with that? What do you hope to do with it? 

The Mental Perspective Project is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I sat on this project for 5 years before I even did my first interview lol I know, wild right? I deal with anxiety and depression and have felt such shame about it because I didn’t know anyone else like me going through it. That shame made me afraid to talk to family and friends about it because I always saw it as a burden and didn’t want to put that on anyone else. Fast forward, while attending college in Atlanta, I would see our people in the streets, battling with mental illness, in public, with no help, and I have always wondered how they got to that point. After seeing that, dealing with my own mental battles and seeing how debilitating it could be, I got curious and wanted to talk about mental health from our perspective. A perspective from black men and women in a community where mental health has been taboo and had shame attached to it.

Starting this project I didn’t have any real tangible goals other than wanting to give a voice to black men and women in the mental health space and tell their stories. With this project that will always be my number purpose and goal. Now, with mental health being a subject more and more people are openly talking about, I think this project can be bigger and reach so many more people. I’m a natural born creative so I have ideas for days lol. I hope to continue photographing and interviewing more people for the project. Outside of that I am working on creating a book based off the project and merch/apparel line centered around mental health and wellness. So stay tuned for that and other things I will be doing with this project on social media.


What are your goals for the future doing this work? 

The beautiful thing about what I want to do and this work is that it all goes together and comes full circle. That definitely was not something that was planned, it just happened that way, which is why I feel like it was divinely given to me by God. Every instant when I sit on my project or this work, God comes to me and says, “Okay, Devin, keep playing with me and I’m going to give this project and your vision to somebody else”. I know God does not play so lol I’m getting on it, going full force and sticking with it. I have to be obedient.

My project, life coaching and everything I want to do, at the core of it, is mental health and wellness, especially within the black community. We need it. More than ever, we need to know that our mental health, our wellbeing, our voice is nothing to be ashamed of and matters.

I think everything that has happened this past year can definitely attest to that. So if God allows me to lend a hand or voice in helping with that, that would be more than I can ever ask for. That’s all I want.


How can people get connected with you? (Socials).

I would love to connect with y’all. You can find me on Instagram on my personal page @lovexdeelour where I will be sharing my life, coaching and journey to self love and on my project page @thementalperspective, there you can see sneak peaks of the interviews, helpful tips/resources and exciting new content coming soon.

You can also check out full photographs and interviews of my project at