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Skincare, Candles, and Self Care Made For You to Love You Better

Hi, I’m Taylor, Founder of Taylor Rachelle. Taylor Rachelle is a brand about empowerment and inspired living. It’s really a reminder for you to keep on loving all of you, multiplying what brings you joy, and embracing what you have to give to the world. Taylor Rachelle is much more than a candle company. 

When I started the company a year ago, I knew I wanted to fill it with messaging that brings more positivity in the world. I have battled with anxiety, depression, and insecurities for a long time and writing has always been my way of working through my thoughts. I will say, I have had the idea of starting a company with such strong values and messaging for a long time, but my insecurities about what other people would say and if it would be good enough kept me from starting the company earlier. I’m so glad to have arrived. But I know how significant it is to surround yourself with positive affirmations and reminders to live a life you truly love. We don’t want to settle around here.

If you’re going to light a candle, light one that inspires you. If you’re going to moisturize your dry skin, why not use a moisturizer that works AND reminds you to heal on the inside too? All I’m saying is, I am very excited about what I’m doing with Taylor Rachelle because I know it’s all out of love. Love from me to you.