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Live Life On Your Terms

Our Mission

Taylor Rachelle offers you a multi-sensory wellness experience to help you feel more connected with yourself so you can have the mental clarity you need to lead a life that's truly yours. We welcome everyone and are especially interested in highly ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals dealing with stress and anxiety. 

We offer curated music playlists that are perfect for creating a calming environment. We make and source products that comfort the mind, body, spirit, and home and we lead intention setting and creative expression workshops for individuals and groups focused on building affirmations, personal connection, and reflection.

Our Vision

We hope to use our creative gifts to build a community of support normalizing personal wellness and empowering you to have ownership over your life. Success to us looks like providing experiences that help you build and maintain a wellness practice that works for you so you can continue feeling as amazing as you are while living as your most fully recognized self.


Our Core Values

We believe in honesty, empowerment, personal freedom and resilience.