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About The Founder

Hi, I'm Taylor Vinson and I founded Taylor Rachelle in the summer of 2020 in St. Louis, Missouri. After battling anxiety and chronic pain for over a decade, I finally decided to pursue a life that's filled with more things I love because we only have one life to live, so why not live well? 

Taylor Rachelle was created as  a reminder to myself and others on the importance of slowing down and embracing more moments of self-care.

As a college student at Missouri State University, I created the Untamed Tongues Poetry collective, which grew into a safe space where students could come find their voice and share their stories. Writing poetry and creative narratives was how I learned to give back to myself through pause and reflection. 

Whether it's through a good candle, your favorite song, or a warm bath, or all three, I hope Taylor Rachelle can help you find a way for you to love you a little more each day.

Check out our curated music playlists with some of my favorite songs of the moment.

About Taylor Rachelle

Taylor Rachelle is a beauty and lifestyle brand helping you create a well home, body and mind. We develop quality, environmentally-conscious self-care products made with natural ingredients, so you can be confident and consistent with catering to you. 

Our Promise

We promise to produce quality products and experiences that provide peace of mind for our customers so they can spend more time doing what feels good.

Our Vision 

We hope to use our creative gifts to build a community of support normalizing personal wellness and empowering you to have ownership over your life. Success to us looks like providing experiences that help you build and maintain a wellness practice that works for you so you can continue feeling as amazing as you are while living as your most fully recognized self. 

You can learn more about our brand values and social impact initiatives