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We're creating a well home, body, and mind for all.

 Taylor Rachelle Supports Women's Mental Health
We care about women and their wellbeing. That's why we focus on not only providing quality self-care products, but we also invest in sharing resources so women around the world can have access to tools that help them live better lives. Taylor Rachelle is founded on the principles of empathy, encouragement, and community. We look forward to making an impact.

Social Impact Initiatives

Taylor Rachelle Partners with SeekHer Foundation
We're excited to be partnering with the SeekHer Foundation to support self-care advocacy for women because we know how often women struggle to take care of themselves when they also hold the responsibility of taking care of others.

As a member of the Advocacy Council and a Giving Back Partner, we are committed to donating a portion of our sales to support women's mental health and wellbeing. We look forward to providing ongoing experiences and opportunities for women to build communities of support with each other.

SeekHer Foundation is on a mission to bridge the gender gap of mental health through advocacy, research, and support for emerging leaders who are impacting change in their local communities & beyond. 

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Be Well, Black Girl is an initiative by Taylor Rachelle starting in 2023 with a special focus on the wellbeing of Black women. With this effort, we're excited to bring more content around self-care best practices, building self-confidence, and how to find more meaning in your life. We partner with other Black women founders through conversation, brand partnerships, and promotions that help uplift those in need of support. Be Well, Black girl will be dropping a new podcast soon, so stay tuned!
Learn more about our current brand partnership with Candice Renée here